Anguilla Real Estate Golden Opportunity 


Several plots with different specifications, sizes, and price tags have gone up for sale in Anguilla’s most exclusive and spectacular area: West End.

Lot #582.1 acres of flat land just to the south-west of the cluster described above, this parcel looks over all of Blolly Ham Bay with a wide flank leading straight onto the seashore. Asking price: US $1,650,000.

Adjacent to lot #58 are lots #20, #21 and #67, marginally distanced from the seashore yet strategically situated to combine for an imposing property of a combined 4.4 acres with the potential to harbor as sumptuous a development as any on the island. As a group, these four lots form one of the most attractive parcels of land for sale in Anguilla.

Lot #20: 1.11 acres of land immediately removed from the shoreline, thus sheltered from sea blast yet profiting from a phenomenal view. Asking price: US $285,000.

Lot #21: 0.79 acres of land just east of lot #20. Easily ample enough to accommodate a separate construction of the finest standards. Asking price: US $210,000.

Lot #67: 0.5 acres of land adjacent to lots #20 and #21, just due north. This parcel would complement the other two perfectly as part of a major development or could also be purchased by a private buyer to build a gorgeous house in Anguilla with spectacular views in the heart of one of the most glamorous areas in the Caribbean. Asking price: US $290,000.



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Property Features

  • Acreage: 0.5 to 4.4 acres
  • Sea view
  • Stunning views
  • Waterfront