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GUM/KO Survives Irma

Hurricane Irma bashed its way past Anguilla on September 6 2017. With sustained winds in excess of 180 mph and gusts approaching 230 mph, this was an exceptional storm—indeed the worst on record to hit the Caribbean Sea.

Anguilla—like Barbuda and St. Martin, like Tortola and St. Thomas—suffered extensive material damage at the hand of the elements, especially when it comes to the island’s infrastructure. Luckily, a  long and complex relationship with the climate has made Anguillans build sturdy, solid, durable structures. There is no doubt in the case of Irma this has saved lives and made the recovery process less comprehensive than in some of the neighboring islands.

September 2017 was a taxing month, and October is certain to bring its fair share of challenges, but as the days go by Anguilla comes ever closer to being back in business. The banks are open, the grocers are relatively stocked, some restaurants are up and running, and the realization is slowly sinking in: life goes on.

GUM/KO International Anguilla Real Estate AgentsAt GUM/KO International we are immensely grateful to be able to report that all of our partners and associates are safe, and that we have suffered only minor material damage. The Anguilla Electric Company has already reconnected our offices to the grid, and the telecommunications company has brought us back the age of Internet. We look a bit worse for wear, it’s true, but we’re up and running.

We are Anguilla strong, and we’re ready to show you. So drop by, give us a call, send us an email or fill in a query form—whatever it is, we’ll be happy to hear from you and get down to business.

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