The development is located on the spectacular Shoal Bay West, in the far end of Anguilla’s most exclusive tourism area. The compound consists of three luxury villas, two of them newly restored and redecorated, as well as a private cottage with a single unit, a onetime spa, a waterfront restaurant, two tennis courts, private swimming pools in front of each of the villas and the most extraordinary views over the south-west Caribbean.

Designed by Myron Goldfinger in a truly distinctive style that merges angles and curves, the compound sits on 5-plus acres of land on the sheltered end of Shoal Bay West, boasting more than 150 metres of water frontage – much of it blessed with virginal white flakes of coarse, coral-based sand. With spectacular sunsets the order of the day everyday, the potential of the development is enormous, not least as only a fraction of the buildings have been brought back to their original splendour.

The Villas

Fully restored and renovated in the winter of 2021, Blue Diamond is a 13,000 sqft beachfront villa with modern interiors, spacious floor plans, five full bedrooms plus an additional room with a day bed, fitness centre, swimming pool and heated Jacuzzi for up to twelve people. The villa’s unique flower-shaped design is perfect for large groups because all three levels have a central area surrounded by smaller rooms in the alcoves.

Antilles Pearl  is the crown jewel of the impressive compound designed. Also fully restored after hurricane Irma, the 11,000 sqft villa soars three storeys high into the tropical sky, providing the most enchanting 360-degree views from its beautifully appointed rooftop terrace. The expansive master bedroom and four guest rooms feature 21ft tall ceilings, while the 50-foot skywalk terrace gives it an extravagant touch.

Petit Topaz is a cosy one-bedroom add-on whose soft curves offer a striking visual contrast against the angular grandeur of the main building. Boasting undisturbed privacy, the cottage is comfy, practical and attractive in equal measure.

The colony of villas is completed by a third luxury building right on the waterfront, towards the eastern end of the property. This 14,000 sqft, three-storey villa features two master bedrooms, each with private terrace, plus four guest rooms and two garden-facing rooms. The building was partially renovated after hurricane Irma, ensuring it remains structurally sound while making the interior ready to complete to buyer specifications.

Additional Buildings

Of particular interest is the restaurant, a onetime landmark on Anguilla as it featured the first open kitchen on the island. Sitting between the bay and West End pond right on the edge of the small peninsula, it currently is in disrepair but still in perfectly saveable condition. The building could be converted into an additional seaside villa or brought back to its former splendour as a water-edge club house.

The former conference centre currently serves as the reception/office area but potentially it could be converted into a full-blown spa. Two perfectly maintained tennis courts sit between the villas, affording greater privacy. A former water feature between the restaurant and the villas has been abandoned, providing valuable space for further development.



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Property Features

  • 1 cottage
  • 19 rooms
  • 2 fully restored beachfront villas
  • 3 luxury villas
  • 360-degrees views
  • 40000 sq ft surface
  • 6 concrete buildings
  • Access to the beach
  • Acreage: 5 acres
  • Beach frontage: 150m
  • Exceptional location
  • Paved road
  • Swimming pools (3)
  • Tennis courts (2)