The largest of Anguilla’s cays, this 3-square-mile appendix separated from the island by a narrow channel, boasts some 900 acres of grassy fields, craggy seafront and white-sand beaches. Of note among them is the bay on the western coast, a staggering lip of crusty white sand that reaches out towards Anguilla as if defying anyone there, or elsewhere in the Caribbean, to find a more beautiful beach.

The island is also peppered with live natural ponds and lagoons, some of which flow in and out of the sea, which makes it the ideal location for an inland mega-yacht marina. On the eastern end of the islet there is a fully reefed paddling pool. Wholly owned by a single family, the island could be the perfect site for an ambitious real estate project. The family currently in control of the island would be partial to participating in a joint-venture with appropriate partners to achieve the outstanding touristic potential of the territory.

Property Features

  • Abundance of waterways
  • Acreage: ~900 acres
  • Dust airstrip
  • Inland lagoon
  • Joint venture opportunity
  • Natural ponds
  • Potential for marina development
  • Private island
  • Unique flora and fauna
  • Unlimited potential