Nothing ranks higher in the scale of absolute luxury than owning your own island, and while the Caribbean is rife with plenty of islets available for sale none can compete with Dog Island in terms of natural beauty or economic potential. Located approximately 10 miles northwest of Anguilla, this isn’t just a barren outcrop in the middle of nowhere: Dog Island boasts 580 acres of shrubby land, an inland lagoon, a disused dust airstrip, exceptional limestone resources and, best of all, four pristine bays.

At present the only way to reach Dog Island is by boat, beaching off the island’s southern coast, home not only to the safest docking station but also to one of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean—500 yards of coarsely ground sand, so glaringly stunning it makes your eyes sore.

The island was fitted with a landing strip in the 1940s, and though boulders have been placed strategically to prevent unwanted and unannounced visitors from using it, reconditioning the facilities is distinctly possible. Indeed, Dog Island is sufficiently large, beautiful and accessible to house the most extravagant of ventures—a five-star hotel, a private airport, a golf course, a sheltered marina: no prospect is too fanciful for this place.


Property Features

  • Acreage: 580 acres
  • Dust airstrip
  • Four beaches
  • Inland lagoon
  • Private island
  • Ten miles NW of Anguilla
  • Unlimited potential