A cluster of four parcels of undeveloped land is up for sale in Anguilla’s east end, in the vicinity of Sile Bay. Totaling 2 acres, this intriguing listing comprises four adjoining pieces of land, each half an acre in size and none more than two rows removed from the coastline.

Lots #135, #136, #137 & #138 all boast staggering views of the open ocean ahead. The four lots are contiguous, with #138, #137 and #136 aligning in a straight line westward and lot #135 sitting level with #136 but one row north. Separately, each of these lots is ideal for a private home in a remote corner of tranquility, far away from the world. In combination, two, three or all four could be purchased to develop a standalone luxury villa on 1 acre of land. Asking price: US $195,000 each.

Of interest to a commercial developer: lot #173, 1 acre of waterfront land directly in front of lot #138, and lot #142, 0.70 acres of waterfront land across the road immediately to the south of this cluster, are also available. Together, lots #173 & #142 combine for 1.70 acres of oceanfront land—a mouthwatering proposition.

Alternatively, lots #173, #138 & #137 create an imposing 2-acre property, buffered from all sides and flanked by the sea to the east and access roads to the south and west. Adding lots #135 & #136 to the equation creates a distinctly advantageous setting to develop a landmark property in Anguilla.



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Property Features

  • Acreage: 0.5 to 3.7 acres
  • Ocean views
  • Stunning views
  • Walk to beach
  • Whale watching